Featured Article: Backstage Images of Exceptional Soirée

Three of Indonesia’s well-known fashion designers participated for a trunk show of wedding gowns entitled “Exceptional Soirée“, in conjunction with Plaza Indonesia Wedding Inspirations, that took place at La Moda Cafe, on Thursday, May 24th 2012.

Almost 20 pieces of gorgeous collection from Tri Handoko, Sapto Djojokartiko Bride and Sebastian Gunawan‘s bridal line, SEBASTIANsposa, were presented on the fabulous afternoon together with 40 jewelry set collections from Mondial.

It’s always exciting to photographed what happened at the backstage before the show. Don’t you just love the frenzy and the rush that happened minutes before the show: models getting ready, make up artists doing the touch-ups, the designer assistants preparing the dresses and the queuers are shouting calling names to make sure the models are ready for the runway. Everyone is working hard to make sure that the event running well.

Stay tuned on our blog, because we will post the runway images soon so you can enjoy the complete collection from the designers.

Feel free to browse through our Facebook fanpage for more images taken behind the scenes of the fashion show.

Until next backstage posts, people!

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All images courtesy of art8amby.

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