Featured Article: Ikat Indonesia Pour Homme Launching

The magnificent Indonesian beaches have inspired the birth of ideas and the nature’s painting into the concept of IKAT Indonesia Pour Homme, the first men’s fashion line from IKAT Indonesia that was presented at Fairground, SCBD Sudirman, Jakarta on Thursday, April 12th 2012.

The handsome and talented actor, Nicholas Saputra, served as the muse for Didiet Maulana‘s Ikat Indonesia Pour Homme while the former editor in chief of Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia and one stylish mom, Izabel Jahja, is still the muse for the women’s collection.

The morning rays touching the sands, all in pastel colors have become the palette reference for the first sequence. The breezy wind at the beach has manifest into the light nature of Tenun fabric, in pastel colors, standing casual and masculine.

For the second sequence, inspired by sunshine seductive lights and the green of coconut trees, al emphasis into warm tropical color schemes, Ikat tank top design (which we will definitely would love to wear on our next holiday) combined by cardigans and shorts are the highlights of this sequence. Fitted shirts featured in both long and short sleeves are using color palettes raising the warmth of Indonesian beaches.

The blue ocean and the white creamy waves have both been the reference of the third sequence. Taking form of something more formal, Ikat fabric is still being used for both details and main material.

The clothes are all very wearable, easy to combined with other pieces and we can definitely see it being worn by the beach in Bali or any other fabulous beaches in the world. Oh, and please forgive the blurry images guys. The models were keep walking without posing just like in international runways. It’s a good thing that Indonesian are starting to following international standard and yet challenging for us who took the photos ;). We’re gonna do better next time for sure!

Feel free to browse through our Facebook fanpage for more images from the events.

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