Emily Blunt for Time Style & Design Spring 2012

Quoted via WWD:

After a long hibernation, Time Style & Design has returned. The fashion spin-off of Time magazine stopped publishing in September 2009, when advertising was hard to come by, but publisher Kim Kelleher said the title is ready for a comeback. “I wasn’t here when they published the first time but I know we’ve had such a positive reception in the short amount of time we had to sell this,” Kelleher claimed. She’s signed on new advertisers to the Time brand franchise, such as Harry Winston, Zappos, Maybelline and Bulgari. The issue closed with 25 ad pages.

There will be a page devoted to the issue on Time.com. Time Style & Design is planned to come out twice a year, with the next issue due in September.

Three years ago, the magazine’s rate base was 550,000 and it appeared on newsstands. This time, it will be received by 500,000 Time subscribers that, judging by the content, are quite affluent. The phrase “price upon request” is used several times in the fashion credits.

When Time Style & Design was edited by Kate Betts, the magazine focused on the business of fashion. Now, under Time managing editor Rick Stengel, it features a wider variety of stories, including a piece about artist Nick Cave, a profile of Christian Louboutin, a look at the contemporary arts scene in Turkey and a story about identical-twin opera directors Christopher and David Alden. “These are topics we would write about in the regular Time,” said Stengel. “This is not purely about fashion. It’s not a magazine that exists in order to mark trends and be trendy. It has to have a lasting value.”

A close-up shot of actress Emily Blunt, wearing a black hat and bright pink lipstick, appears on the magazine’s cover. Stengel said they had several good cover options but in the end, decided the first issue should feature a fashionable woman. “I thought she was great in ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’ and you know, she’s not hard to look at.”

The cover was photographed by Peter Hapak.

Image via TFS.

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