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Featured Article: Interview with Farah Angsana

Farah Angsana's Spring Summer 2012 collection - Oriental Enchantment

Last week, Art got this amazing opportunity to meet with Farah Angsana, the first Indonesian born (who was raised in Singapore, Los Angeles and London) fashion designer to presented her collection in Paris Fashion Week several years ago. The designer who graduated from Central School of Fashion in London held her last couple of collections in New York Fashion Week.

The humble lady who participated in our congratulatory #art8ambyonemillion hashtag last April answered our questions about her favourite things, her biggest dreams and shared her real thoughts about the upcoming Pre-Fall collection exclusively to art8amby.

How does it feels to be Indonesian descent fashion designer and showing your collections in one of the world’s fashion capitals?

In some senses I feel proud to be able to present my country, but in the other hand, I am just a fashion designer who happened to be at the International platform. Nothing special but just work harder with 10x pressure.

Tell us about your upcoming Pre-Fall 2012 collection. What are the inspirations?

Pre-fall collection is mostly about business not about inspirations that be able to show on the catwalk. A Pre-fall is a collection to deliver to the store in summer before the fall season. That is why it’s called pre-fall collection. I believe the general sales volume inspired me to do pre-fall collection in order to generate revenue to my company.

Which decades are your favourite and why?

I would have to say Belle Epoque for the true couture with limited luxury at that time, and the 50’s when the women dressed so beautifully and embraced their femininity and true elegance.

You’re attending Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 recently, what are your opinion about Indonesian fashion industry that can be considered growing rapidly. Would love to hear your opinion about some of the designs that you saw at JFW 2012 as well?

Unfortunately I didn’t see as much shows as I would like to during Jakarta Fashion Week. I believe that what I saw the designers in Indonesia are very creative and try to follow the trend. Although I dislike to comment other designers work but I would comment the good ones such as Ivan Gunawan. I was impressed with his creativity of using vibrant colors and the energy of his show. His type of work could be called couture. It was done nicely. Beside Ivan, there was another designer I couldn’t recalled his name, but he did a stand out contemporary collection that was all in white. I was amazed with Indonesian talents from what my witnessed during Jakarta Fashion Week. Also I feel sad at the same time to witnessed some horrific taste and badly copied collections. Fortunately, it’s not me to judge but my advice to them is to inspired another designers and brands it’s alright, but you need to take it and mould it into your own.

What are your favourite food, movies and songs?

I love all foods in general. In term of movies, it has to be intellectually moves me. Currently I love and adore Adele. Mostly of her lyrics and her amazing voice that moves me. Especially at this point in my life, some of her lyrics reflecting my life and some experiences I’ve encountered.

What is your biggest dream?

To be loved, happy, healthy and the recognition of my hard work.

The rotation of the fashion seasons are really fast, what do you do to keep the inspirations coming?

Mostly through traveling. I always inspired by cultures, people and experiencing the unknown and the unexpected every seasons in my life. With the unexpected, it will brings me to the mysterious journey that I could explore and translate into my collection.

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

My favorite holiday destination are Bali, St.Barts, south of France and my bedroom!

A very special thanks to Farah Angsana for the remarkable opportunity.

You can also read our review about her Spring Summer 2012 collection titled Oriental Enchantment, here.

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Images via Style.com and Bryan Bedder.

Farah Angsana backstage at her Fall Winter 2010 show during New York Fashion Week on February 11th, 2010

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