Lindsey Wixson for First Issue Spring 2012

Rosebud lipped Lindsey Wixson is the lucky model who’s gracing the first issue of the highly anticipated print version of titled She was photographed by Theo Wenner for the cover.

Quoted from NY Times:

We wanted to give the reader a sense of what it is like to go through the journey of the shows, from New York to London to Milan to Paris,” said Dirk Standen, the editor of The idea was basically to create a collectible distillation of what happened during the spring 2012 runway season, which ended only three weeks ago. It will cost $14.99 on newsstands, or $4.99 plus shipping if ordered online before Monday.

Much of the content is similar to what’s typically found online: a collection of Twitter messages, Tommy Ton street-style photos, top-10 lists of most-viewed shows (Chanel was No. 1 with 3.5 million page views), the favorites of its editors (Balenciaga came in first), the most ubiquitous party people, the best shoes and bags and models, and the best-dressed fashionista based on reader votes (Giovanna Battaglia pulled off a major upset)

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