Enrique Iglesias for Ocean Drive October 2011

Image via Store Mags.

One response to “Enrique Iglesias for Ocean Drive October 2011

  • Andre Munce

    Pop music is one of genres of music that has not died down. Unlike other forms of music that has its ups and downs, pop music has continued its trend of being popular. Pop stars such as Enrique Iglesias, Justin Beiber and many more rule the earth. Pop musicians have a huge fan following and they are the kind of fans that will remain loyal to these musicians for a lifetime. Its a craze. There are people who actually follow these musicians’ tours and travel wherever they play live. Considering the acts of piracy happening in the world of music today, pop stars use concerts and live shows to earn their bread and butter as well as express themselves through the language of music. Be it pop or any other genre, performing live in front of a huge audience is always a high for any musician. Other genres such as electronic, house, trance, techno have also picked up and though it has attracted a lot of masses, it doesn’t quite have the appeal that pop music has. ^

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