New York Fashion Week: Farah Angsana Spring 2012

Indonesian born Zurich based fashion designer, Farah Angsana looks to the enchanting beauty of the Orient for her inspiration of Spring 2012 collection that was just presented yesterday during Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week in New York.

Oriental Enchantment was the name of the collection with 20 colorful dresses of hers which she took the inspirations of the East (i.e the vibrant red she used in some of the dresses and also embroideries) and combines them with the modernity of the West in the forms of mini dresses and long gowns.

Other colors she used in her presentation including varied shades of pink representing those iconic cherry blossoms, blue for the clear summer sky and nude natural tones. She was inspired for this collection by a painting she saw in an art gallery in Shanghai.

A special note for Farah Angsana, she was the first and only Indonesian born (she was raised in Singapore, Los Angeles and London) designer to present her collection in Paris Fashion Week several years ago. And now, her last couple of fashion shows was held in New York Fashion Week. Bravo!

Hopefully we will see her dresses appeared in red carpets very soon as awards season are approaching because we are dying to see a celebrity wearing that strapless dress with dramatic nude colored train. It’s red carpet ready!

Click here to view the Spring 2012 collection (pictured only 14) and here for the video.


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