Two Covers of L’Uomo Vogue July/August 2011

UPDATED JUNE 15th 2011: Beyoncé was photographed by Francesco Carrozzini and styled by Rushka Bergman wearing jacket shirt and bowtie by Dior Homme, waistcoat by Corneliani, Acne shorts and shoes by Tom Ford. Details via Design Scene.

July is the month of Beyoncé! The singer/actress is gracing her fourth July magazine covers! Previously she graced the covers of Essence (no fierce eyes for Essence, she smiled on the cover), Dazed & Confused (in Givenchy and holding a melted ice cream!) and the leaked-too-fast-on-the-internet cover of W magazine. Oh, and don’t forget that she was featured on the covers of Billboard magazine, twice, in less than two months and she’s also rumoured to be featured on the upcoming cover of Harper’s Bazaar US. Dang!
Who runs the (cover) world? So far it’s you B!

We almost forgot that 24 year old athlete Novak Djokovic is also landed the other cover version, holding a pooch. Sorry dude! We are too focused on her 😀

Click here to see last year’s cover featuring Elio Germano and Daniel Radcliffe.

Images via TFS.

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