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Amanda Hearst for GQ Spain June 2011

27 year old heiress of the Hearst Corporation and sister of Lydia, Amanda Hearst is gracing the June cover of GQ Spain.

Image via TFS.

Emanuela De Paula for GQ South Africa June 2011

We think this image was taken from her spread in GQ UK December 2010 issue.

Image via TFS.

Johnny Depp for GQ Korea June 2011

A reprint image of Johnny Depp photographed by Annie Leibovitz from his January 2011 cover of Vanity Fair is now the June cover of GQ Korea. The image was also featured on the April cover of GQ France.

Image via TFS.

Cesar Cielo for GQ Brazil June 2011

Brazilian swimmer Cesar Cielo features on the June cover of his hometown GQ.

Image via TFS.

Hitoshi Matsumoto for GQ Japan July 2011

Image via TFS.

GQ Taiwan June 2011 Cover

Image via TFS.

Daisy Lowe for GQ Russia June 2011

The same image of Daisy Lowe photographed by Miles Aldridge and styled by Beth Fenton was the April 2011 cover of GQ UK.

Image via TFS.

Monica Bellucci for GQ Mexico June 2011

Image via TFS.

GQ China June 2011 Cover

Image via TFS.

Timothy Kelleher for FANZINE137 April 2011

Black and white headshots of Timothy Kelleher (d1 Model Management) is features on the latest issue of FANZINE137, The Black & White Issue.

This latest issue of the limited magazine (only 1137 copies!) have 386 pages and below are the excerpts from Luis Venegas:

FANZINE137 is a kind of best-kept-secret for insiders, for all those people who love images and enjoy looking for special projects in printed paper.

In essence, FANZINE137 is a very personal art magazine about all things I like, about people I admire because of different reasons. Every little thing on each new issue is there simply because I like it… So it’s a magazine about me throught the things I like, throught the artworks of amazing artists around the world that I deeply admire.

FANZINE137 style mixes top-names personal artwork with young talents on the verge of discovery, alongside legendary artists rarely featured in today’s magazines. With each new issue a new theme is explored by the contributours, allowing their own creative freedom to sculpt the content.

Image via Luis Venegas.

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