Michelle Williams for IO Donna February 19th-25th 2011

Michelle Williams by Tony Duran

Here are some quotes from the latest issue of IO Donna, interviewed by Alessandra Venezia. Click here to see the article (in Italian) :

Michelle Williams: “I’m shy and sexually sudden”
After overcoming the pain of the death of mate, the actress begins again. Relying on little things. How to drink his favorite tea. Or win an Oscar nomination with Blue Valentine.

She carefully chooses partners and film: Heath Leger, DiCaprio. Now Ryan Gosling: your on-screen relationship is aggressively intimate and intense …
Ryan inspired me confidence, more than any other actor I had worked with before. I felt close, I had the impression that she knew me better than anyone else, for better or for worse. Between us we have created a certain intimacy, which made me very vulnerable.

Refers to the sex scenes?
It scares me to death when there is a scene where I have to undress. Walking naked on a set and expose myself to the world … There is a part of me that is hopelessly shy, modest and resists, and then, instead there is a strong voice, which fortunately ignores certain reticence. Because, you see, I wanted to make this film at all costs. Without Ryan I do not think I would have never succeeded.

Cover image via Design Scene.

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