Kim Kardashian for Harper’s Bazaar US March 2011

UPDATED FEBRUARY 10th, 2011 : Added a better image for the cover where Kim Kardashian wearing a red Donna Karan dress.

So, we would never thought that reality Queen Kim Kardashian will EVER lands a Harper’s Bazaar cover!! This red cover lensed by Terry Richardson kinda have the same tone as Christina Hendrick’s November cover, no? Terry also lensed that Hendrick‘s cover. We prefer this year’s cover than last year’s Kate Moss.

Kim Kardashian already appeared in magazine covers such as Cleo South Africa, FHM UK, Glamour US, Shape US, Fabulous (screaming-over-a-bag-cover, anyone?), Allure and THAT W cover! But, Harper’s Bazaar !? Wow, that’s huge deal girl…

We heard that some of her covers are the magazine’s best selling issue, so could we expect more of her on the front pages in the future? Absolutely! And we are looking forward to see her editorial and the contents of the issue because eventhough Harper’s Bazaar US newsstands covers are not the most flattering covers compared to others, but their contents is rarely disappoints.

Image via TFS

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