Loud for Him by Tommy Hilfiger Fragrance Ad Campaign

Josh Beech features for the new fragrance from Tommy Hilfiger, Loud for him (based mostly on patchouli accords and adds a bit of rose scent) and he was lensed by Francesco Carrozzini. Image via Josh‘s agency, DNA Models

Here’s the quote from WWD :
“Since the main theme is music, Chad Lavigne designed two flacons in shape of music records. Edition for women is coloured in pink, while men’s version is transparent black, with silver stoppers resembling stereo knobs.

Building on the theme, advertising campaign developed. British rock duo The Ting Tings wrote a song especially for Hilfiger’s campaign. It is called “We’re Not the Same,” and will be a part of the group’s new album, which is a unique thing in the world of fragrances. Another novelty in this campaign is “club package” which features hand stamps with Loud-scented ink, concert ticket blotters and scented wristbands. Characteristic of this campaign is a strip of duct tape with the word “Loud” which you will be seeing in advertisement across Europe and probably in US afterwards.”

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