Elle US 2010 Covers Recap

Aaaah, Elle US. One of my monthly magazine with contents I love the most but covers I love the least.

They gave 2 different covers stars for January, Britney Spears with her boys and the sensational Lady Gaga by Tom Munro who also photographed the now American Idol judge, Jennifer Lopez for February. He also photographed Rihanna in purple and gold Balmain for July and one out of three Julia Robert‘s September covers (the other was the works of another Elle US regular, Alexei Hay and Carter Smith).

Alexei Hay photographed the gorgeous Taylor Swift for April cover, Hilary Swank for November and one of the subscriber covers of Julia Roberts for September

But Carter Smith nailed most covers than the other 2!! He photographed Keira Knightley for March, Fergie for May, Kristen Stewart for June, Drew Barrymore for August (the first outdoor newsstands cover this year!), one out of three Julia Roberts September cover, four covers of Elle US 25th Anniversary issue in October (Amanda Seyfried, Lauren Conrad, Gabourey Sibide and Megan Fox), Kate Hudson for November (other November covers featured Jodie Foster, Diane Kruger, Kerry Washington, Hilary Swank and Gwyneth Paltrow) and Jessica Alba‘s December cover.

Amby from Art8amby.

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