Katie Fogarty New Hair

Katie Fogarty tweeted couple of days ago : “@Katie_Fogs: feeling fresh after a haircut & FINALLY got y eyebrows back 🙂 Made an apple crisp for dinner at the grandparents!

I then RT-it and added a question, “how’s the nu hair?”

And replied me (I was so happy that she replied me, again) and gave me a mention and a picture of herself from her iPhone below:

She’s gorgeous as always and I’m glad that she got her eyebrows back 😀 Maybe from the extensive Fashion Week runway last month 🙂

Origin from St.Louis, Missouri, 18 years old (she was born on August 06th, 1992) Katherine Hynes Fogarty or Katie Fogarty is well known for her lips and smile. She appeared in magazine covers such as Tush and Russh, also in D&G, Uniqlo Jeans, Balenciaga and Sonia Rykiel campaigns.

She’s so kind to her followers, she was replied my tweet 4 months ago. I was tweeted her about her lovely  Sonia Rykiel Fall 2010 campaign together with fellow model Anna de Rijk, and she replied :“@Katie_Fogs @art8amby thank you! I love the Sonia Rykiel ads as well! The brand and ads capture the Parisian essence perfectly

Aah, this is what we need, a young model who can cook, with killer looks, have a Twitter account, humble and great personality. Keep close to your fans gurl 🙂

Follow her at @Katie_Fogs 

Amby from Art8amby.

Updated October 31st, 2010 : She was once tumbled at Prada SS 2009 show but that didn’t stopped her! She’s represented by Next New York. 

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