Review from New York Fashion Week Spring 2011


We never stop giving her credits for what she’s doing with nature, she is one of designers that against the using of animal fur and skin in the runway, but  she proofed us that without have to kill animal for fashion you still can looks gorgeous. this collection is the example, the look is effortless beauty, the nude color or neutral its a day and evening dresses. she’s keep giving us great option every season for 25 years. Bravo, Bravo!!

See full collection here, courtesy of


This season collection from Marc Jacobs really gives us a fresh of a breath air from his line, because this collection is more wearable for all types of women, it can be wear for a women that wants to go out for a dinner or vacation in St Tropez and still looks great. this is dedicated for a lady with a sense for high fashion. 70’s really the idea of this collection.

see full collection here, courtesy of


The presentation from Reem Acra is all about sexy and glamor  look, with a choose of neutral and nude color and sheer fabrics, lace applied with sequence this is the exquisite presentation. almost the dress and gowns wears with belts making the looks become sophisticated beauty. love this!!

see full collection here, courtesy of

3 responses to “Review from New York Fashion Week Spring 2011

  • Sherrie Ramphal

    Great blog and I love what you have to say and I think I should tweet this out to my friends so they can check it out as well.

    • art8amby

      Hey Sherrie, thanks for your love and tells this blog to your friends, we really appreciated it.
      and you also can follow our twitter @art8amby for all the latest updates and be our fans on Facebook . much love from us to you!! art from art8amby

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