Christine Hakim, Indonesian Actress at Eat ,Pray ,Love Premiere in NY

We as Indonesian people are very proud of Christine Hakim at Eat Pray love Premiere in NY.

Indonesian actress Christine Hakim  who had an important role in this film appear attractive by wearing traditional Indonesian “kebaya” bright red color and Batik cloth.
Eat Pray Love itself tells the story of Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) who searching for what she really wanted in life, Gilbert steps out of her comfort zone, risking everything to change her life, embarking on a journey around the world that becomes a quest for self-discovery. And one of its destinations are Bali, Indonesia.

This film is also in Play by Javier Bardem, james franco Richard Jenkins and Billy Crudup. This film is taken based on the bestselling novel written by Elizabeth Gilbert .

Sapta Nirwandar, Christine Hakim


Javier Bardem, Julia Roberts


2 responses to “Christine Hakim, Indonesian Actress at Eat ,Pray ,Love Premiere in NY

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  • Fearless Female

    Finding Themselves at the “Eat Pray Love” Premiere…

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