Paco Rabanne Lady Million Fragrance Ad Campaign

from TFS

Here’s the quote from TFS :

“After the enormous success of his men’s fragrance on international bestseller lists and the winning of numerous awards, French designer Paco Rabanne is launching a feminine counterpart, called Lady Million.

Due out in July, the new fragrance will be both floral and woody, featuring notes of bitter orange, raspberry, neroli, jasmine, gardenia, patchouli, and amber.

The diamond shape of the flacon is an illusion to Lady Million’s multi-faceted personality, described by the designer as “ultra-feminine, determined and […] bold, vivacious, and natural” and embodied in the campaign by model and great-granddaughter of writer Ernest, Dree Hemingway.

However, it can’t be denied that the bottle and name of the fragrance play on references of excess (the men’s scent was bottled in what looked like a gold bar), a theme which is currently fairly unpopular in the Western world. Whether Rabanne will strike a chord with emerging markets’ customers in Asia and the Middle East or whether his new scent will appeal to Western women looking for an empowering fragrance, contrasting ‘back-to-basics’ products, remains to be seen.”

Dree Hemingway

Lady Million will retail between €43 and €79. The official launch date is set for July 16.

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