Loewe Quizás, Quizás, Quizás Fragrance Ad Campaign

Here’s some details from TFS

Glances, smiles, desire: a game, which can only be defined in one way… SEDUCTION. A word, which evokes thousands of facets of a woman and generates innumerable questions, of which the answers are infinite. So much security, so many doubts. This game of seduction is what LOEWE captured and transformed in the spirit of its new perfume.A fragrance destined to a woman, who is fascination, funny, self-confident, seductive by nature and conscious of the power of her attraction.

Inspired by the famous cha, cha, cha “Quizás, Quizás, Quizás” by Osvaldo Farrés, Cuba, 1947. It transmites the magic of a woman, who enjoys, dares, challenges and bets with a man during the game of seduction.
A name full of humour, tenderness and truth with a hint of boldness.

Inspired in the “Moebius ribbon”, a ribbon without beginning nor end, which envelopes its surroundings, a curve begins and another continues, always the same, but yet unique and different, like the game of seduction.
The concept of ambiguety is incorporated in the design of the bottle through the game of colours between the crystal and the perfume.

Top Notes:
Lemon, Italian Cassis, Borgona
A captivating glance…
The perfume begins with the irresistible, seductive and attractive freshness of the purple Cassis, along with the deep and effervescant dew of the Mediterranean Citrics.
Middle Notes:
Sambac Jasmine, Rose Absolute, Bulgary
A seductive touch…
The faith continues with a very feminine floral bouquet caressing your senses with the tantalizing Jasmine, The elegant Tuberose and the luxurious Rose Absolute.
Base Note:
Pachuli Patchouli, Indonessian Vanilla Absolute, Madagascar
Elusive encounter…
Sensitivity turns a spell when the provocative and sensual accords of Amber and Musk fuse with Lavender Honey, the Warmth of Sandalwood, the woden hint of Patchouli and the attractiveness of Vanilla Absolute.

Jennifer Pugh by Eugenio Recuenco


Jennifer Pugh by Eugenio Recuenco 2

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