Yelo – new concept in wellness by Stefan Boublil

Designed by Stefan Boublil at theapt, a nyc-based agency offering fully integrated branding, marketing, architecture and interior design services. Yelo is an entirely new concept in wellness. It is a sanctuary designed to help urbanites deal with the pressures of modern life through a unique combination of sleep and reflexology massage treatments. You emerge feeling revived, refreshed and balanced. Yelo is one of the designer’s 360degree project which mean that they are responsible for all aspect of it, from naming to branding to architecture to marketing. and the synergies between them. “the city that never sleeps needs a nap!” with this simple concept in mind, and the synergies between them. Yelo is about time-efficient, results-oriented relaxation. Yelo offers a completely innovative experience: proven mental and physical rejuvenation through sleep and reflexology therapy. The feature that you can try in Yelo is their patented treatment cabins ‘YeloCabs‘. They are uniquely-designed, comfortable, private spaces that allow you to customize your experience by choosing your own settings for lights and sound. Inside each YeloCab there is luxurious, proprietary YeloChair, which reclines deeply to keep your legs elevated above your heart, so that your pulse slows down. This produces a feeling of weightlessness, which encourages full relaxation within minutes. You can customize the lighting within the YeloCab, choosing the color and intensity on our LED system. Some other features of the YeloCabs are purified air, 500-thread count linens and soft cashmere blankets. Yelo will also offer aromatherapy in the cabins, so that you can choose the most appropriate scent to fit your mood.

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